Configure, Check, Register

Legi is an easy to use multifunctional handheld eID/card reader that provides multiple functionalities based on card information and pre-defined rules and actions.
You can read an eID, validate against white/black lists, check age and identity, and/or register identity. A phone number can be added to the registered identity.

Also, a unique QR can be shown on the terminal to redirect users with a smartphone to a registration form.

Awesome features

eID Identity Registration

Visualization and registration of eID card information and phone number at restaurants & cafes, events, .. e.g. for contact tracing with respect to Covid-19 measures.

QR Identity Registration

Visualization of QR to scan from mobile to register at restaurants & cafes, events, .. e.g. for contact tracing with respect to Covid-19 measures.

Identity control

Visualize eID card information, and based on certain parameters such as zip code, decide who can enter container parks, or refuse access to public places if person is flagged by officials etc.

Access control for events

Based on age decide who can enter an event or offer different entrance fees, based on the zip code.
Decide who can enter local events or the local swimming pool.

Age-based consumption

Check if someone has the legal age to buy alcohol and/or cigarettes.

And many more

Combining the different features this platform has to offer, provides endless possibilities.

Ask our experts

Specific case in mind?

Let us help you to learn about how Legi can help you check the identity of your visitor, customer and attendants.
Legi can also be used for the registration of information about your customers according to the current Covid-19 measures. A phone number can be added to the registration of a customer in order to use the registered data for contact tracing.
We have a very clear overview of everything you need to know to decide on the type of check you need for your specific use case.
It can be white listing, black listing, checking parameters of the eID card, age-checking, registration for contact tracing and much more.
We would love to help you out.

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User friendly interface

Easy to manage and use.
Clear registration reporting.

We listen

Dioss doesn't just deliver a product, we listen to our customers' needs and adapt accordingly.

Compliance & security

Dioss Smart Solutions is ISO 27001 certified and all data processed in Legi is treated according to GDPR.

How can we help?

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Legi terminal lease

  • Terminal
  • Admin web account
  • 1+ year(s) user license

Legi event license

  • Terminal
  • Admin web account
  • Short term user license

Value-added Reseller

  • API based integration
  • Consultancy & Support



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